Cloud Computer ServicesThere are an ever increasing set of cloud based systems arriving almost daily, in fact our own portfolio that we can offer to our customers is growing all of the time. These solutions have become more popular to businesses or individuals that have limited working space, require access to the same data from multiple locations and via multiple devices. Or who require enhanced security or backup/disaster recovery services where the running, upgrading and maintain of such services is included all within the service. The services that we currently provide in this area are listed below, along with a brief description of each. If the solution is not listed please contact us we are sure to have the answer.

  • Worry Free security services, protect your desktops, laptops and servers from viruses, malware, phishing, spyware, spam and dangerous websites. Control which websites can be accessed and when. Run security scans, set reports and automatic alerts on all of your devices from a single web based portal.
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange, have all of the benefits of Microsoft Exchange without owning or maintaining your own server. Capacity for unlimited users. Access to email, calendar and contact via virtually any device from traditional Desktop computers via Microsoft Outlook or web browser to smartphones like iPhone and Blackberry, tablet including Android and IPAD. Enterprise-grade security via world-class datacenters and a 99.999% uptime service level agreement. Includes Cloud based antivirus and antispam.
  • Hosted Message Security for your on premise Exchange Server. If you run an on site Microsoft Exchange server but are plagued by either spam emails, viruses or are Blacklisted or simply having difficulty in sending emails to everyone that you wish to then we have the system for you. A fully cloud based message security system that complements Microsoft exchange by scanning all emails sent from the internet to your organisation, or from your organisation to the internet for viruses and spam. Users get daily notification of any Spam or virus infected emails that may have arrived and the ability to deliver them, delete them or block them for future from their own computer, thus lowering the admin headache on the IT department. The system can also via a bolt on offer either 1 or 10 year email archival for all users and all emails regardless as to whether that message originated from the internet or within your organisation. Emails can easily be returned to the user or administrator even if they have been deleted from the local client or server during the archival duration. All of which is easily controllable via an easy to use web portal. If you are having issues with continually becoming Blacklisted and cannot send email to certain destinations then we can help, by directing your outbound email through our systems we can hide your ip address from the emails that you send and hence keep you ‘white’ listed and free to send email once more.
  • Cloud Based Backup Systems. Regardless of whether you have an existing backup solution or if you are looking for your first backup solution, we have the answer. Our Cloud based backup solutions offer many benefits over traditional tape based systems. There are no more software updates to contend with, no more tapes to buy, no more tape drives to clean and maintain and also no more tape capacity concerns. Backup jobs can backup client computers and servers with the addition of specific agents for SQL and Microsoft exchange, whilst being fully automated.