Windows File Servers for any size of Business readily available

Regardless of the size of business that you run, you are highly likely to benefit from the introduction of a Windows Based File server. The latest versions of the Windows 2012 server operating system provides solutions from businesses that have 25 and under clients wishing to share business data to corporate business that have hundreds if not thousands of users. Which ever bracket you fall into we will have the solution to help you run your business more efficiently. Our offerings are backed by maufactuer on site hardware warranties with a multitude of service level agreements from next business day to 24 x7 coverage. Our systems can provide the highest levels of hardware redundancy all packaged within either floor standing or rackmounted form factors. Do you already have a server environment that is in need of a refresh to the latest hardware and software?, if so we can also help with identifying the correct solution for you whilst both planning and carrying out the migration for you from your old aging equipment to the new latest versions of server hardware and software, interested?, if so either email us at:- or call us on 01694 724752.